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Cycling in the rain

With the health crisis, many have opted for cycling, especially in large cities. A practice favored by the good weather that Belgium experienced in the spring and this summer. But in recent days, the rain has made its return and with it roads and sometimes slippery infrastructure. With the return of these first, “greasy” roads (rains that mix with the residues present on the roadway and form a mud) and the risk of falls. So cycling in the rain is quite difficult. To prevent them, here are some pointers from AurĂ©lie Willems, a representative for Gracq, a group that represents and supports cyclists in French-speaking Belgium. Good equipment for cycling in the rain First of all, AurĂ©lie Willems advises cyclists to opt for good equipment: a good jacket and possibly good rain pants. The better equipped you are, the better you will experience the fact of driving in the rain.…

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