Cycling in the rain

With the health crisis, many have opted for cycling, especially in large cities. A practice favored by the good weather that Belgium experienced in the spring and this summer. But in recent days, the rain has made its return and with it roads and sometimes slippery infrastructure. With the return of these first, “greasy” roads (rains that mix with the residues present on the roadway and form a mud) and the risk of falls. So cycling in the rain is quite difficult. To prevent them, here are some pointers from Aurélie Willems, a representative for Gracq, a group that represents and supports cyclists in French-speaking Belgium. Good equipment for cycling in the rain First of all, Aurélie Willems advises cyclists to opt for good equipment: a good jacket and possibly good rain pants. The better equipped you are, the better you will experience the fact of driving in the rain.…

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Secrets to Cycling Uphill Successfully

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, cycling up hills can be a little daunting. You hit them, you try to pedal, and you try to keep your heart rate down. But even the most seasoned cyclists can still get stuck. You might be strong, swift on the road, and with lungs like a giant balloon and still find it difficult because cycling uphill is a task that will sap a lot of strength out of you.  Before you can take up such a task, you must be physically fit. The energy required to climb up a hill is double the energy needed to cycle on a regular road or downhill. Your arms, back, and thighs must be in good shape. You must be fully fit for you to pull it off at the first trial.  Cycling uphill is a challenge for many people, but hills could be your friend…

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Whether you’re into bikes for recreational riding, racing, eco-friendly commuting, or fun for the family, Cleveland has some of the best bicycle shops in the nation. Some of the these stores have been established for 50 to over 100 years! Some shops seem to carry anything and everything, some are more specialized. With so many great bike shops to choose from, which one is the best? Rate and review your favorite Cleveland bike shops here. Read other’s reviews and ratings and find out which Cleveland bike shop is the best for you. The Wright Cycle Exchange Overall Rating No Ratings The Wright Cycle Exchange is a mobile repair business serving the Cleveland area. Make an appointment, and Ted, the owner of the business, will meet you at the time and place you specify to perform the repairs you need. If the repair is beyond the capacity of his mobile setup, he…

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